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Cape Town is considered one of the best places in the world to explore. Every year the area wins award after award for its incredible attractions, shows and more. It’s no wonder that Cape Town has become the hub of tourism in South Africa.

There really is so much to see and do and experience in and around the city so we’ve tried to include a few of our favourites below to help guide you along.

Alternatively, feel free to read up on the official Cape Town Tourism site for more information.


We want to show off the best of our city – and some of the lesser known things too! That’s why we have so many great tours on offer. Feel like taking a tour at your own pace? Download these great guides to help you traverse Cape Town. And, if your feet are in need of a bit of a rest until your next destination, feel free to make use of any one of the transport options offered (or good ol’ Uber works too)


With so many things to do and see around Cape Town it can be difficult to choose what to do. This great article from Cape Town Magazine gives you a list of 58 things to tick off of your Cape Town bucket list.


A bit more adventurous? Try an extreme-sports tour to really get the adrenaline up and the memories flowing!


Feeling hungry during your adventures? Cape Town has one of the most diverse and memorable foodie-environments in the world! Check out the Best Find Dining Restaurants in Cape Town or take a more relaxed approach to dining with a “Local is Lekker” option.

Many a great food experience is paired with a good beverage, so why not try out one of Cape Town’s best bars or take a leisurely drive up to some of the oldest wine farms in South Africa for a wine tasting?


Cape Town is as beautiful at night as it is during the day, with the lights of the city glittering around the foot of Table Mountain, which is lit up by massive spotlights. Take a walk along the promenade at Camps Bay or enjoy the local nightlife to fully experience Cape Town in all its splendour!